NEANY's flagship UAS, the Arrow, is suitable for both military and commercial applications where dependability and extended endurance are required. The Arrow is an efficient, cost effective solution for battlefield and homeland security operation areas and is equipped with a 6 megabit TCP/IP data-link for disseminating valuable real-time intelligence, video, and situational awareness data. The Arrow features a large payload area of fifteen cubic feet and can accommodate sensor packages weighing up to two-hundred and fifty pounds. The UAV is a converted light-weight manned airplane that is built using over ninety-percent commercially available parts, making it a low-cost and easily sustained operational asset.

Arrow Soar


The aircraft combines friendly low speed handling characteristics with agility and high performance. It has been designed to a +6g / -4g load limit capability at over 1000 pounds gross weight. The current configuration uses a Rotax-912ULS engine capable of achieving altitudes of 10,000 feet AGL and cruising speeds of 80MPH. At cruising speed and over 1200 pounds gross vehicle weight, the vehicle consumes fuel at a rate slightly above 4GPH.

The Arrow UAV is equipped with an automatic takeoff and landing (ATOL) system, making it capable of fully autonomous flight. A specially designed alternator provides 100A of power at 28VDC while idle, combined with 12VDC and 24VDC power supplies each capable supplying up to 800W of power, can support even the most power hungry payload. A broadband UHF data-link with the ability to achieve full-duplex 6 megabit data rates at ranges exceeding sixty miles is also available.

Arrow Payload


  • ISR
  • Mapping
  • C-IED
  • Precision agriculture
  • Weapons deployment
Arrow Manned


  • Payload capacity, full fuel: > 200 pounds | > 91 kilograms
  • Payload area volume: 15 cubic feet | 0.42 cubic meters
  • Fuel capacity: 53 gallons | 201 Liters
  • Empty weight: 900 pounds | 408 kilograms
  • MTOW: 1350 pounds | 612 kilograms
  • Altitude Above Ground Level: 12,000 feet | 3657.6 meters
  • Endurance: 12 hours
  • Fuel burn rate: 3.9 gallons/hour | 15 Liters/hour
  • Range: 50 NM Line Of Sight | 92.6 kilometers
  • Cruise speed: 60 knot | 111 kilometers/hour
  • Stall speed: 35 knot | 64 kilometers/hour
  • Climb rate: 1600 feet/minute | 487 meters/minute
  • Take off/landing: Automatic
  • Length: 19 feet | 5.8 meters
  • Wingspan: 23 feet | 7 meters
  • Height: 6 feet 6 inches | 19.8 meters
  • Engine: Rotax 912; 100 horsepower
  • Payload power: 800 Watts @ 24 Volts Direct Current & 800 Watts @ 12 Volts Direct Current
  • Fuel: Aviation gas
Arrow Rotax