NEANY provides innovative engineering in support of Government and commercial industries. We have uniquely distinguished ourselves in cybersecurity, unmanned aerial and ground sensor systems/networks as well as coordination and integration with Blue Force Tracking (BFT) systems in the development of a Common Operational Picture. We design integrated networks to detect and defeat all threats, including IEDs and their facilitating networks.

Engineering Death Star


At our test and evaluation center in Yuma, Arizona, NEANY engineers evaluate flight characteristics of air vehicles such as noise, aerodynamics, and propeller wash. With the combined knowledge and expertise of installing weigh, weight and balance, and the aerodynamic effect of these factors, NEANY is able to conduct all testing, operation, and implementation of multiple sensor packages with the best possible results. This is done with the aid of computer modeling, flight testing, and drawing from the experience of NEANY technicians in the field of Lighter Than Air (LTA) operations. Once the vehicle and sensor are configured in such a way as to optimize the aerodynamic advantages of the system, the successful application of the sensor equipment can be carried out.

Engineering Flight Test


NEANY develops and delivers cybersecurity solutions with tools for identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. Our solutions provide the technology and training needed to establish best practices, monitor and prevent threats, mitigate risk, and recover from incidents.

GCS Blue


NEANY integrates multiple electronic systems and designs circuit boards. NEANY is in the process of setting up a laser to do the one-offs in house.

Engineering Wires


NEANY has designed and developed multiple systems and graphical interfaces, integrated the computer systems in our shelters into larger systems and multiple weather systems with the Air Force's weather picture for Afghanistan.

Engineering Software


NEANY's specialties include reverse engineering, systems integration, Multiple Intelligence (on PGSS and TigerShark), and rapid prototyping. NEANY has designed multiple systems using modeling, simulation and analysis tools, conducted Program Design Reviews and Critical Design Reviews, prepared Level II mechanical and electrical drawings to support the transition from design to rapid prototyping and Life Quality Project (LQP).

Engineering Systems