Field Deployment

NEANY has significant experience with testing, deploying, and sustaining unmanned systems in Iraq, and Afghanistan. NEANY's success is evidenced by the reliability, maintainability, and operational availability of its currently deployed systems. This has been achieved through a constant commitment to effective information exchange mechanisms while incorporating management controls, such as Configuration Management (CM) repositories and Test First Approach (TFA) methods that ensure the constant evaluation of systems throughout the contract life-cycle.

Field Deployment Packout

NEANY has provided planning and support for the PGSS/PGST in Afghanistan. For the PGSS/PGST mission, NEANY provided equipment, disassembly, long-term storage, inventory reduction, logistic support, resource management, and personnel movement. This level of mission intimacy provides the embedded structure to implement a successful T&E reporting information exchange across the stakeholder spectrum.

Field Deployment Team

Tailored Logistics Management Duties

  • Serves as the CONUS and OCONUS focal point for NEANY’s tailored logistics support
  • Develops and updates the Tailored Logistics Plan
  • Coordinates and chairs the Tailored Logistics Improvement Team meetings
  • Oversees all of the logistical aspects for sustainment and logistics supporting deployment of new systems
  • Identifies deficiencies in logistic support for the NEANY Program Manager and supports problem resolution
  • Maintains the schedule of events/milestones and coordinates logistics concerns with other program events

NEANY’s experience is strong in field deployment and logistics. Utilizing our streamlined, yet robust Tailored Logistics Plan we plan, schedule, organize, and execute the deployment of specialized personnel to the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation in support of the U.S. warfighter and coalition forces. This includes security briefings, gear issue, Letter of Authorization (LOA) and Common Access Card (CAC) card processing, Survivor Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) training, medical immunizations, dental, and health screenings. Additionally, required CONUS and OCONUS travel, passport, and visa paperwork are arranged and monitored.




Currently 120 NEANY personnel are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, including AV Pilots, Mission Commanders, A/C Technicians, Payload Operators, and Logisticians.


Multi-Mission Support

NEANY contributes to the ISR effort for Arrow, Mako, Scan Eagle, Silver Fox, AeroSonde, PSUAS, and PGSS.
NEANY also supports the Counter-IED efforts of two detachments with three TigerSharks and a HELIOS system destined for Afghanistan.



NEANY has implemented numerous broadband SATCOM links within Afghanistan's communication backbone. NEANY has also supported the P417 and ROP unmanned ground systems.