Quick Facts

Customer: Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division

The Department of the Navy, Naval Air Warfare Aircraft Division Center (NAWC-AD) needed an enhanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) remote Radio Frequency (RF) emissions monitoring capability that was more mobile, more affordable, and more capable than systems that were currently available. The ISR assets would detect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Radio Frequency (RF) emissions, insurgent ground movements, and to surveil target points of interest.


Systems Deployment

NEANY, Inc. had significant experience in the manufacture, test, and deployment of the systems proposed and were able to meet the aggressive delivery dates and build a system compatible with other SSP deployed systems including aerostats, UAVs, and ground ISR Towers. NEANY provided:

  • Rapid fabrication services and facilities
  • Low Rate Production (LRP) capabilities
  • Ground Control Systems development and integration with unmanned sensor platforms
  • Fabrication, logistics support and management, and training
  • Test and evaluation of emerging technologies in support of PSUAS