Rapid Prototyping


NEANY uses innovative engineering to upgrade existing systems and design advanced systems that will improve both intelligence gathering and intelligence dissemination capabilities for existing unmanned systems.

Our team provides the program management and qualified personnel to support system's development utilizing standard systems engineering and process engineering practices to upgrade existing systems and to develop new surveillance and reconnaissance systems. This involves modifying the interface of new or existing hardware and/or software into different applications or platforms.

The modifications to the engineering specifications for the new integrated advanced products requires documenting all changes to the architecture, specifications, detailed design, test criteria, and anticipated performance measures of the upgraded systems. The process is duplicated for the platform, sensors, ground systems, and communications equipment. The system will then go through the proving of design, testing, demonstration acceptance, and shipping.




We perform design, fabrication and rapid prototyping, integration, DT&E, and low quantity production. Our other specialities include advanced technology sensors, UASs, GCSs, and UGSs for various customers. We build custom enclosures for constrained spaces for smaller UAVs and have supported the "bent pipe" AGIG communications relay concept for TigerShark.



NEANY has been in the business of designing and fabricating custom, mission-specific shelters for over a decade. Our 45,000 sq ft hardware fabrication and manufacturing facility has acquired, integrated, and delivered multiple S-280 shelters in the last two years in support of UAS missions. NEANY has long-standing relationships with several rack, monitor, and other GCS component vendors. We use non-corrosive material in various airborne and ground systems, including composites such as plastic and carbon-fiber used to house critical components. We design our titanium air vehicle landing gear to withstand high g-forces and hostile weather environments. Additionally, our on-premise machine shop fabricates custom consoles and shelving. NEANY designs, fabricates, and integrates ground control systems used for UAS command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), drug enforcement, mapping and change detection, and remote operations.