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Fort Irwin, United States, North America
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Senior (5+ years of experience)
High School
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Full time

UAS Instructor Trainer


NEANY, Inc. is an industry leader in providing time-sensitive tactical response solutions for the Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security.  NEANY excels in comprehensive research, development, test, and evaluation capabilities. We are committed to continually improving today’s technology for tomorrow’s solutions. We also provide support and expertise in aeronautics, software and hardware, data analysis, electronics, mechanics, radar, communications, computer information systems technology, acquisition logistics, inventory control, integrated logistics, contracts management, and financial management. The NEANY team is dedicated to creating next generation tactical solutions designed to support the war-fighter and protect and secure our homeland.

SUAS Master Trainer Duties:

NTC Reception Staging Onward Integration SUAS Training:

  • Train up to 60 SUAS Operators

Classroom Instruction, Airspace Briefing and V-ITS Simulator PEs

  • Issue and replace M2 Frequency Modules with the Home Station M1 Modules from the Raven DDL Systems.  RTU BDEs typically have up to 22 Raven Systems – 3 AVs per system
  • Load current NTC Map Data
  • Submit and Manage Airspace Training
  • During Rotations, provide the RTU and 11th ACR with FSR Support, Mentorship, Troubleshooting, Parts replacement, etc.
  • Find/Retrieve lost Ravens as required
  • Assist the RTU and 11th ACR with accident investigations, reporting and documentation
  • Maintain an annual Class II Flight Physical
  • Obtain and comply with the Letter of Agreement with the Fort Irwin, G-3 Aviation for RSOI Flights
  • Administer and maintain the NTC V-ITS Raven/Puma Simulator
  • Comply with AR 95-20 Contractor Flight Procedures and any Government Flight REP (GFR) Rules for NTC

Raven Logistical Support and Flight Demos

  • Comply with the Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Fort Irwin, G-3 Aviation for
  • Brief the Raven SUAS training and capabilities to any visiting VIPs/dignitaries as required
  • Setup/Brief/Operate/Teardown Raven SUAS Equipment (as required)
  • Maintain SUAS PM provided parts
  • Track these parts using the SUAS PM required COLTS online program for shipping and receiving
  • Ship and Receive Parts to and from the SUAS PM as required through Fort Irwin Transportation Office (or other transportation as required)
  • Attend Logistics Meetings via Telecon (as required)
  • Provide Logistical support, including spares replacement
  • Collaborate with Fort Irwin Spectrum Manager to support Frequency de-confliction that occurs during Rotations for SUAS and Threat Small UAS
  • Prepare and execute SUAS Initial Qualification Training (IQT) 2 Week Course (10 Days – 80 hrs)

         U.S. Citizenship required


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